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I’m a Princess, I’m a Queen

Cheers to womanhood!!!

Yes…I ‘m a woman;
A bundle of joy;
I dance around the house when nobody is home;
I’m a priceless shower of love;
Call me a Drug.

I’m a Princess, I’m a Queen.

I’m Pungent when I don’t like;
I’m also Sarcastic sweet.

Call me your Mother, Call me your Sister , call me your Wife…call me whatever.
You can’t break what I put together.

I’m Power, I’m the Sun;
I bring life…I ‘m Fun.

Then why my Art, my Love is chained in the hall;
Over this, that and all…

I’m a dose of Love, Call me a Poisonous Passion;
I’m a thrill that will drive you crazy…

Hold me, hold on…
I’ll infect you with my Love and burn with you in Ecstasy…

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