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Some health advisory for Liver

Liver is one of the important Internal organs in the human body,
So it is our duty to take care of the liver.
Some natural remedies that take cares and cleans the liver are given below.

Some health advisory for Liver

1) Mixture of Papaya fruit and the Lemon Juice is useful in curing the Liver cirrhosis,
Just add the half table spoon of lemon juice and two table spoon of papaya juice and mix.
Drink this Mixture everyday.
This is one of the best natural health cares for the Liver

2) Mixture of Spinach vegetable and carrot juice in equal proportions will also help in the Liver Cirrhosis

3) Boil the roots of Dandolin ( small amounts ) for 10 minutes in Water. Drink the water daily, it is also useful for the Health care

Do’s an Don’ts for the Proper Liver care

– Avoid the Tea and other beverages which they are harmful to Health

– Do the yoga and some exercises for the good health of your Liver

– Drink lots of Fresh and Clean water everyday for cleaning the Liver

– Please say good boy to Alcohol, whether if you want an healthy Liver

– Please reduce the intake of heavy sugar and salt , which will helps for healthy Liver

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