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धुर्मुसे र मसानघाट को घटना

funny dhurmus

एकदिनको कुरा हो धुर्मुसे बजार बाट घर फर्किदा फर्किदै ढिला भएछ । कत्ती गाडी हरुलाई रोक्न खोजे पनि कसैले पनि रोकेनछन । हिन्दा-हिन्दै रात को १२ बजेछ र ठ्याक्कै तेही बेलमा मसानघाट को बाटो नेर आइ पुगेछ । धुर्मुसे डर ले थुर्-थुर काप्दै हिन्दै थियो । भाग्यबस एउटा ट्याक्सी बिस्तारै …

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I need Levis underwear

Mom : Buy this local company underwear He : Mom, I need Levis underwear. ( Mom looks at the marked price ) Mom : Why do you need branded underwear ? To whom do you have to show it. (Son stays quiet) Mom : Don’t stay like that. Go and …

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iPhone & Android Application to make Wife Happy !

After massive demands from all husbands………. A new app called “SAFE” is launched for iPhone and Android You just say ‘Wife’.. And it closes all websites – clears history Hides all chats, Shuts down all games, Hides all special folders And best of all.. Puts your wife’s photograph as a …

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My GF is getting married

Boy in centi mood.. His friend comes and asks, “What happened, why are you sad?” Boy : My GF is getting married! Friend : When? Boy : I’m getting married in December 5 and she in December 15. Lol

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What a Sexy Elephant

One group of male Elephant were having a break time in College. Since they were young and daring, they were mostly talking about girl. Laughing and shouting… One sexy Elephant was passing through the group… One of the Elephant whispered in other Elephant’s ear, “Waaaow! Awesome figure… 3600.. 2600.. 3600”

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Seems like power of healing

Once I was riding in the bus. Saw a couple in the front seat having conversation. Girl : Oouch, my fingers are aching! Boy: Oh my baby, let me kiss your finger so it will heal your fingers… So the boy kisses her fingers and pain goes away Then again …

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How far is land ?

Once a ship was caught into a dangerous storm and ship was about to get drowned. A middle aged person asked to captain : How far is land from here? Captain : Not more than 4km… Man immediately jumps out of ship and asks, “In which direction should I go …

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Girl with two unbuttoned red shirt

(After accident, police interrogating with the person who was hit by a car ) Police : Do you know the number of car that had hit you and ran away? Color as well if you remember. Man : No.. I couldn’t see the number.. But I know how does she …

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