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A little dearer, and nearer

LOVE : Makes our Friends a little Dearer JOY : Makes our Heart a little Lighter FAITH : Makes our Paths a little Clearer HOPE : Makes our Life a little Brighter PEACE : Brings us all a little nearer

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Beauty of a Strong relation

When Relationshp is Weak , Simple words like Sorry ,Thank u , No problem, Welcome Makes Big difference . . When Relationship is Strong , Shut up , Nonsense , stupid , Idiot or even Go to hell will not have any Impact Thats the beauty of a Strong relation …

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difference between like n love

Beautifully said : Alexender the great: “Sir, What’s the difference between “like” n “love”? Socrat’s answer was a masterpiece: “When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, You water it daily..!

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