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Why did you cry

Three friends went to the jungle for some adventure.
As they were going through the jungle, they were captured by the local tribes of jungle.

The king of tribes thought them to be spy of another tribe so The King ordered them to punish without any mercy.

The guard ordered them to bring one fruit each.

First one came up with an apple.
Guard : Put that Apple in your ass and If You make any noise, You will be killed.

The person couldn’t bear the pain so cried out loudly.
So he was killed.

Second one brought grapes, But he was killed too.

First and second friend met in the heaven.

First Friend : You had brought just a grape… Why did you cry?

Second Friend : No, I didnt cry out of pain actually. As a grape was being inserted, I saw our next friend bringing watermelon…
I couldn’t control my laugh….

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