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A Mother…. Sets an Example

A MOTHER When You’re a Child, She walks before You…. To set an Example When You’re a teenager She walks behind You… To be there should You need her When You’re adult She walks beside You… So that as two friends You can enjoy life together.

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The boy held onto dad’s p**is

A child was taking a bath with his dad. The child suddenly slipped, but luckily held on to his dad’s p***s. The dad remarks: “See! the difference, if you were taking a bath with your mom you would have fallen!”

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How did a boy came to this earth?

Once a boy came running to his mother with a very anxious face. And the boy asked to his mother, “Mom… Mom.. How did I came to this world?” Mother surprised with the question, “My little boy… Once a angel came to our house and put you in my arms …

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“I AM PREGNANT” she TOLD her MAN… He SMILED and KISSED her LIPS and said “CORRECTION MY LOVE we ARE pregnant. FOR that CHILD in YOUR womb is HALF of ME and HALF of YOU; and I will NOT let YOU go THROUGH the PREGNANCY alone… I may NOT carry …

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