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Happy Maghe Sangrati

maghe sangrati ghyu chaku tarul tilaura

Happy Maghe Sangrati to all चिसो – चिसो मौसममा तातो तातो तरुल Ghyuu, Chaku, Tarul, Tilaura, Sakharkhanda, Ban Tarul खाँदै जाडो भगाउँ…. शुभ माघे सङ्गराती !

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Hotel with Hashish Menu item

Hashish Hotel Menu in Nepal

Kathmandu used to offer what other big cities cannot today. Hashish center with Menu related to Hashish. This particular pic is taken around 1970 AD. Hashish is banned in Nepal now and is illegal to use/carry/grow/trade Hashish. ** Photo Source : http://www.gundrukpost.com

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Electricity is the daughter of …

Teacher: What is Electricity ? . . . . Me: Electricity is the daughter of the Nepal Govt. and has an extremely loose character. She goes and comes anytime, anywhere without informing anyone, and quite occasionally even at midnight!

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How to identify different citizens of Nepal

HOW TO IDENTIFY DIFFERENT CITIZENS OF NEPAL : Scenario 1 : Two guys are fighting & a third guy comes along, sees them and walks on. That’s KATHMANDU. Scenario 2 : Two guys are fighting. Both of them take time out & call their friends on their mobiles. Now 50 …

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