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Real Love moves freely

You cannot Convince people to Love You. This is an absolute Rule. No one will ever give you Love Because You want him or Her to give it. Real Love moves freely in both Direction. Don’t Waste your time in anything Else.

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The Best Relation Ever

The Best Relation Ever Is Between TWO EYES… They Blink Together Move Together Cry Together See Together And Sleep Together Still They Never See Each Others But When They Saw A Girl 1 Will Blink And Another Will Not Moral Of The Story :- A Girl Can Break Any Kind …

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Cute relationship

Cute relationship is when someone is angry with you and says “I will never talk to you” And later comes back to you to just inform you : “I am still angry !!

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WHEN RELATIONSHIP IS WEAK, Simple words like”Thank You’s, Sorry’s, Welcome’s, Good Bye’s, No Prob’s…” Makes BIG Difference! “But when RELATIONSHIPS ARE STRONG,.. “Shut up! Get Lost, nonsense, idiot, or even go to hell” Will not have any impact ! That’s the BEAUTY OF STRONG RELATION..!

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War better than Love?

In Fact Every thing is fair in Love and War. But I suggest you should do War and Never do Love. Because in War either you Live or Die. But in love neither you Live nor you Die

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