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My new mother speaks the truth

Once a six years old boy lost his mother in a accident.

His father married again and the boy got new mother.

One day the boy was passing through his neighborhood, a person asked, “Hey little boy, How different is your new mom than a old mom?”

Boy replied, “My new mother speaks truth but my Old mother used to lie”

Neighbor looked anxious….

Boy continued, “When my mother was alive… I used to go outside and play the whole morning. Mother used to get angry with me and used to tell me that she wont give me any food and used to force me to stay in room. But after a while she used to come in room with food and feed me.”

My new mother also does the pretty same thing but She stays on her word. She does what she says.
She scolds me, force me to stay in my room but she wont come in my room with food.

(Neighbour looked puzzled…. paused for a while and walked his way)

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