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Love Quotes

Make you love life interesting with these awesome love quotes handpicked just for you. These quotes will obviously make your loved ones smile.

Stay Loved

What is Love? Those who don’t likes it, They call it RESPONSIBILITY Those who plays with it, They call it a GAME Those who don’t have it, They call it a DREAM and Those who understand it They can’t express it In WORDS. . . !!! Stay Loved!!

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That one is my Love

I Like everyone, But I Love only one I Live for everyone, But I breath only for One I talk to everyone, But I share everything to Only One I smile with everyone, But my Smile is for only One I am for everyone, But I Belong to only One …

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Don’t Tell…….. !

Don’t Tell ” I LIKE YOU” when You’re Gonna Flirt With Other People too……! Don’t Tell “I MISS YOU” when You’re Throwing Those At Words At Other People Too Don’t Call “BABE” When You’re Gonna Give Everybody Else Pet Names Too Don’t Say ” I CARE” Then Act Like You …

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I’ll never quit upon you

Even If I had all the Reasons to Quit, I’ll still find the Reason not to. You know Why? Because you make me Smile like no one did Before. And Someday, Someone told me not to Regret something that Once made me Happy.

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When you wait for Someone

When you wait for Someone For a few minutes, its your “NEED”. For a few hours, its “TRUST”. For few weeks, its “FRIENDSHIP”. But when you wait even though you know They won’t come, its “TRUE LOVE”

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