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Not a Apple tree

Once a boy climbed a apple tree and started to apple. Next friend came and started to climb the same tree. Boy said, “Hey, why are you here. I won’t let you to eat any apple” Friend replied, “I’m here to eat Mango, I won’t eat Apple” Boy : But

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Find better girl now

(Two friends talking) Ram : I have heard that you left eating meat, Is it true? Hari : Yes, I left it. Ram : You also left drinking alcohol? Hari : Yeaps ! Ram : And smoking too? Hari : Yes, Everything! Ram : So why didn’t you marry that

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Who is Leo?

Group Chat: Rita : I’m so angry Leo deserved the Oscar yaa Sita : Yeah babe!! Rita : I swear..!!! Gita : Really deserved.. Personal Chat: Nita : Sis, who is Leo? Rita : I’m not sure but Leo is one the horoscope sign …..

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True Friendship

Jim : Yaar.. I gifted my girlfriend a diamond ring which I had stolen from my sister’s drawer. Tim (Gives slap to Jim) : You ***in piece of shit.. I’d gifted such a expensive ring.. Jim : Peace dude.. Don’t worry.. The ring has returned to your house only Thats

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एउटा केटो पेप्सी छेउमा

एउटा केटो पेप्सी छेउमा राखेर उदास मुडमा बसेको थियो . साथी आएर पेप्सी खाइदियो अनि सोध्यो, “त किन उदास भएर बसेको यार….”?? . अनि केटाले भन्यो आजको दिन सारै खराब रहेछ यार . बिहान GF संग झगडा भयो . . फेरी बाटोमा bike बिग्रियो तेइ भएर अफिस पुग्न ढिलो भयो

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