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Love Quotes

Make you love life interesting with these awesome love quotes handpicked just for you. These quotes will obviously make your loved ones smile.

I might have erased your texts

I might have erased - lost love

I might have erased your texts But I will never forget what you wrote . I might have un-friended you , But I will never forget your pictures . We might have stopped talking , But I will never forget your voice . We might have ignored each other ,

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Real Love moves freely

You cannot Convince people to Love You. This is an absolute Rule. No one will ever give you Love Because You want him or Her to give it. Real Love moves freely in both Direction. Don’t Waste your time in anything Else.

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I miss those moments

I don’t Miss her.. I miss those moments we spent together.. I don’t cry.. Its just tears haven’t got their place back in my eyes yet.. . . . . I don’t Sleep.. I just Dream of him.. I am not Alive.. I am just breathing for his Life.

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