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Mothers Day

A Mother…. Sets an Example

A MOTHER When You’re a Child, She walks before You…. To set an Example When You’re a teenager She walks behind You… To be there should You need her When You’re adult She walks beside You… So that as two friends You can enjoy life together.

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I Love You Mom

Mom I know I do lots of Mistakes, You give me Punishments, but, I know you Cry for Punishing me… You Hide your Tears behind me… And I am Sorry for that, Sorry for make you cry…. I Love You Mom

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सन्तान को सुख मा रमाउछिन आमा

सन्तान को सुख मा रमाउछिन आमा । माया र ममता को खानि हो आमा ।। आफु सबै रितिएर सन्तान का लागि । आफ्नै रगत चुसाएर आनन्द मान्छिन ।। जन्म दिने हुर्काउने कर्तब्य ठान्छिन । सत्कर्म मा लाग्न प्रेरित गर्छिन ।। आमा जस्तो धरती मा हुन सक्छ कहाँ । आमा हुन्छिन …

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Meaning of Mother

M-O-T-H-E-R “M” is for the million things she Gave me, “O” means only that she’s Growing Old, “T” is for the Tears she shed to Save me, “H” is for her Heart of purest Gold; “E” is for her Eyes, with Love-light shining, “R” means Rright, and right she’ll always …

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