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Life is beautiful

Its Madness… To Hate all Roses coz you got Scratched by one Thorn, To Give up all your Dreams coz one didn’t come True, To Loose Faith in Prayers coz one wasn’t Answered, To Give up Your Efforts coz one of them Failed, To condemn all your Friendz coz one …

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You are Beautiful

Your Skin isn’t Paper, Don’t Cut it. Your Face isn’t a Mask, Don’t Cover it. Your Size isn’t a Book, Don’t Judge it. Your Life isn’t a Film, Don’t End it. You are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

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The power to choose

Every Human has four Endowments Self-Awareness, Conscience, Independent Will and Creative Imagination. These give us the Ultimate human Freedom… The Power to Choose, to Respond, to Change. – Stephen Covey

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