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Problem With Life

The problem with life is, By the time we realize we’re blessed with some good people in our life with whom we share some of the best memories, They either get busy or leave.

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Life is yours, Enjoy!

Sometimes you are unsatisfied with your Life, While many people in this world are Dreaming of Living your Life.. A Child on a Farm sees a Plane fly overhead & Dreams of Flying, But a Pilot on the Plane sees the Farmhouse & Dreams of Returning Home. That’s Life!! Enjoy

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For attractive Lips and Lovely Eyes

For Attractive Lips , Speak Words Of Kindness . For Lovely Eyes , Seek Out The Good In People . For Good Health , Share Your Food With The Hungry For Beautiful Hair , Let A Child Run His Fingers Through It Once A Day . For Poise , Walk

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Take care of small happiness

Most of Us Miss Out Life’s Biggest Prizes : Nobel, Oscar, Grammys But We are All Eligible For Life’s Small Prizes : – A Hug From Best Friend – A Short Sleep On Friend’s Shoulder – A Glorious Sunset – A Chat With One with whom you Feel Most Comfortable

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Its attitude that makes the difference

Baby mosquito came back after its first flying… His dad asked him, “how do you feel ?” He replied : “it was wonderful daddy… All humans clapped hands for me!!” “Moral:- Life is too beautiful, it depends on our way of thinking, why waste time on what people think..

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Dedicated To All Angels.

Dear Girls… You Are Beautiful Don’t Harm Yourself For A Guy Who Goes Only For Your Looks You Are Father’s “PRINCESS” and Mamma’s Doll ^ -^ So Don’t Let Somebody Make You Feel Low And Down, The Way You Smile The Way You Cheer Up Your Family And Friends, And

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