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कस्तो कोर्स हो छोरी “BBA” भन्या ?

बाबु :- छोरी तिमीले १२ सकेपछी के गर्ने प्लान गरेकी छौ त ? छोरी :- म “BBA” गर्छु बुवा । बाबु :- कस्तो कोर्स हो छोरी “BBA” भन्या ? छोरी :- “Boyfriend को Bike मा Aish” बाउ ठाउँको ठाउँमा बेहोस ।

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That’s Really Cheap

Man: 1 Vodka please. Bar Man: Rs. 5 sir! Man: What! only Rs. 5? Can i also hav 1 plate chicken roast plz? Bar man: Rs.7 sir. Man: Wow that’s really Cheap!! can I meet the Owner? Bar man: No sir, He’s busy with my GF. Man : What ‘s …

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What does your father do?

(bf and gf were on date) Girlfriend : What does your father do? Boyfriend : He is the owner of KFC Girlfriend : Wow! So rich! I always hear about KFC but whats the full form of KFC Boyfriend : Kallu Fruit Chhat LOL

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I am proud on my boyfriend

Girl : I am proud on my Boyfriend Friend : Why..? Girl : Because he got drunk and didn’t recognize me… Friend : Why you so proud on it? Girl : Because when I tried to take off his shirt he said- “STOP, I have a girlfriend”

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