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I challenge you

I Challenge you to make your Life a Masterpiece. I Challenge you to Join the Ranks of those People, Who live what they Teach, Who Walk their Talk. Anthony Robbins

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Learn to enjoy

Learn to Enjoy every Minute of your Life. Be Happy Now. Don’t Wait for something outside of Yourself, To make you Happy in the Future. Think how really Precious is the Time you have to Spend, Whether it’s at Work or with your Family. Every Minute should be Enjoyed and …

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Far better it is to dare mighty thing

Far better, It is to Dare mighty things, to win Glorious Triumphs, Even though Chequered by Failure, Than to take rank with those poor souls Who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, Because They Live in the grey Twilight That knows neither Victory nor Defeat. – Theodore Roosevelt

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Dream. Discover.

Twenty years from Now, You will be more Disappointed By the Things that you didn’t Do Than by the ones You did Do. So Throw off the Bowlines. Sail Away from the Safe Harbour. Catch the Trade Winds in your Sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain

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Function of our beliefs

What we Can or Cannot Do, What we consider Possible or Impossible, Is rarely a Function of our True Capability. It is more likely a Function of our Beliefs about who We Are. – Anthony Robbins

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The power to choose

Every Human has four Endowments Self-Awareness, Conscience, Independent Will and Creative Imagination. These give us the Ultimate human Freedom… The Power to Choose, to Respond, to Change. – Stephen Covey

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