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five fingers for a reason

We Have 5 Fingers For Five Reasons !! Little Finger To Make Promises For our Best friends Ring Finger For Someone Special When The Time Is Right.. Middle Finger To Those Who Are Jealous & Show High Attitude To us.. Index Finger To Silence Those Who Speak against us.. Thumb …

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You’re YOU and that’s good enough !

It’s okay You got a Bad Grade. It’s okay You are not Skinny and have bright Eyes It’s ok that Your friends are Leaving, If they were such great Friends, They’d be sitting with You trying to not make You feel Horrible. It’s ok that Your parents shout at You, …

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Three friends locked in a car

Three friends were going home in a car. As they reached home, they found that the door of a car was jammed. 1st friend : Lets try to get out from the engine compartment. 2nd friend : No! No! Its more easy to get out from the back of the …

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