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You’ll always be my no. 1 man

Dear Dad No matter where I go in life.. Who I get married to.. How much time I spend with friends.. How much I might love anyone.. You’ll always be my no. 1 man.. You are the first ever man a girl can trust … Sincerely, Your little girl..

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KIDS OF NOW DAYS In a nursery class, a little girl asks teacher,” can Mom get pregnant? Teacher : How old is your Mother? Little girl: She is Forty. Teacher: Yes She can get Pregnant. Little girl: Can my big sister get Pregnant? Teacher: How old is your big Sister …

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Little bird

Once upon a time, there was a guy sunbathing in the nude. He saw a little girl coming towards him, so he covered himself with the newspaper he was reading. The girl came up to him and asked “What do you have under the newspaper, mister?” “A bird,” the guy …

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