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When You Love You Get Hurt

You Find Someone And You Smile Because That One Face You Will Like To See All Life.. And Then Begins the Cycle Called Love…. When You Love, You Get Hurt When You Get Hurt, You Hate When You Hate, You Fight When You Fight, You Separate When You Separate, You

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I will Break My Heart

Girl was Sitting Alone in a Park Crying and a Boy sat Next to Her: Boy: Darling Why do you Cry ?? Girl: My Heart was Broken, Boy: I will help to Fix your Heart, Girl: But I’m missing Pieces, Boy: Then I will Break My Heart; Just to Fix

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I miss you like the sun

I miss You like the sun Misses the Flowers, Like the Sun misses the flowers in the Depths of Winter, Instead of beauty to direct it’s Light to, The Heart hardens like the Frozen World Which your absence has banished me to.

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I want to share it

I Miss you when Something really Good Happens, Because You are the one I want to Share it with. I Miss you when Something is Troubling me, Because You are the one who Understands me so Well. I Miss you when I Laugh & Cry Because I know that You

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