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Nepali Feature Film “Chhakka Panjaa”

Enjoy the Nepali movie “Chhakka Panjaa” online अझ बढी नेपाली जोक्सको लागी यहाँ CLICK गर्नुहोस् >> For more Nepali Jokes : https://khoyaa.com/jokes/nepali-jokes/ Jokes in English : School Jokes, Friend Jokes, Husband wife Jokes, Adult Jokes, Love Jokes, Others हास्नको लागी थप बाहना । मज्जाले हास्नुस्, पेट मिचि-मिची हास्नुस किनकी तपाईंको …

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Missing you sooo much :p

I called My Ex GF.. Me : Today I watched a movie and I’m missing you a lot.. She : Awwwww So Sweet Of you..Even I Miss you too…. By the way, which movie did you watch?? Me : “The witch revenge”… She SentiFlyaaaaaaaaaaaaT.. xd xd

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Talk of a shame

Tim : Yo bro Jim, lets go to watch movie today. Jim : Can’t go today. Kind of feeling unwell. Tim : What a shame! Father is a doctor and son is in home being sick. Jim : (gets angry) This is not a shame bro. Real shame should be …

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Why are you late

(Son came home late) Mother : son, why are you late? Son : I’d gone to watch movie, mom. Mother : which movie? Son : Mother’s Love Mother : Ok.. There is next movie in the home aswell Son : Which one? Mother : Angry Father

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I just wanted to hug you

Boy: Let’s watch a Movie Girl: OK what movie!? Boy: A horror movie the Grudge Girl: um…OK *After the movie* … Girl: I noticed… You were watching me most of the time … Boy : *Laughs* I watched the movie Yesterday Girl : What….. Boy: I just wanted to hug …

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