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Elephant and two Elephant

The class teacher asks students to name an animal that begins with an “E”. One boy says, “Elephant.” Then the teacher asks for an animal that begins with a “T”. The same boy says, “Two elephants.” The teacher sends the boy out of the class for bad behavior. After that …

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Why did you cry

Three friends went to the jungle for some adventure. As they were going through the jungle, they were captured by the local tribes of jungle. The king of tribes thought them to be spy of another tribe so The King ordered them to punish without any mercy. The guard ordered …

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I will never break traffic signal

A lady broke the traffic signal. . . Police : ‘Stop….!!!!!’ . . Lady : ‘Please…Let me go….. I’m a Teacher’ . . ‘ Police : ‘What?? teacher ??…. Since long time, I was waiting for this moment… Now write down in this paper “I will never break traffic signal” …

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