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Please Stop Crying (Heart Touching)

A boy and a girl loved each other very much ..unfortunately the girl dies… Boy was upset so much he couldn’t stop his tears. He kept on crying day by night…Many people gave sympathy, but no arguments could stop his tears. One night he slept and had a dream. He …

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I Love You Mom

Mom I know I do lots of Mistakes, You give me Punishments, but, I know you Cry for Punishing me… You Hide your Tears behind me… And I am Sorry for that, Sorry for make you cry…. I Love You Mom

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Message beyond all relationships

When I’ll be Dead….., Your Tears will Flow,.. But I won’t know… Cry for me now Instead ! You will Send flowers,.. But I won’t See… Send them now Instead ! You’ll say words of Praise,.. But I won’t Hear.. Praise me now Instead ! You’ll forget my Faults,.. But …

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A strong woman

A Strong woman is one who Feels deeply and Loves fiercely. Her Tears flow just as abundantly as her Laughter. A Strong woman is both Soft and Powerful. She is both Practical and Spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world.

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