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Faith, Trust and Hope

Three Stories : Once a villagers decided to pray for rain. On the day of Prayer all the people gathered but only one boy came with Umbrella. That’s FAITH When a baby is thrown in the air, he laughs because he knows his father will catch him. That’s TRUST Every

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When you wait for Someone

When you wait for Someone For a few minutes, its your “NEED”. For a few hours, its “TRUST”. For few weeks, its “FRIENDSHIP”. But when you wait even though you know They won’t come, its “TRUE LOVE”

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You’ll always be my no. 1 man

Dear Dad No matter where I go in life.. Who I get married to.. How much time I spend with friends.. How much I might love anyone.. You’ll always be my no. 1 man.. You are the first ever man a girl can trust … Sincerely, Your little girl..

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Trust is most in love

Girl : HI ? Boy : Hello !! Girl : Are you OK ? Boy : Not really . there is something running in my mind ! Girl : What is it . tell me !!! Boy: You always say that u trust me a lot…?? Girl : Yes ..

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The worst pain in life

The worst pain in Life is when you see your Life been spoiled by the one you Trust most And You cant do anything except standing Quiet & Asking yourself ” Is it the gift of Trusting ?

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