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Tom and Jerry

Childhood is time when You like Jerry and admire his Smartness. Maturity is time when You understand that Jerry is a complete asshole and You feel sorry for Tom

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Dad, You won’t understand

3 year old Boy was trying to write love letter. Dad : What are You writing my Son ? Son : Love letter to my GF Dad : So You know how to write ? Son : Then what, she also don’t know how to read, Its love Dad, You

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Understanding the Life

accept life, be practical

Its good to be good, honest and sincere. But its bad to be taken for a ride, made a fool of or be cheated. Bad things happen to good people to show them all the shades of this world And to make them prepare themselves to live a little practically,

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Stay Loved

What is Love? Those who don’t likes it, They call it RESPONSIBILITY Those who plays with it, They call it a GAME Those who don’t have it, They call it a DREAM and Those who understand it They can’t express it In WORDS. . . !!! Stay Loved!!

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Difficult To Understand Girls

Few Days Back When She Called Me I Was Having Food She Got Angry That I Didn’t Ask Her To Join Me.. . . . . . . . . … Today When She Called I Was.. . . Taking Bath & I Asked Her To Join, She Was Angry

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