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What is weird for You might be normal for them

The weird people are weird for a reason.

They’ve either been born different from others,
Or over time, life has made them different.

There could be a thousand factors contributing to why they behave differently,
But since You don’t know or have experienced all of them,
You are unable to understand them.

Its not like they don’t try to fit in, they do,
And sometimes succeed too,
But essentially fitting in isn’t their basic nature,
And therefore even though they try,
They mostly fail ..

Please let them be the way they are,
They don’t mean to harm you,
They may not be able to live life the way you want them to,
And that’s simply because they are happy with where they are and what they do.

What is weird for You is normal for them,
And in fact,
They secretly wonder how so many people in the world are abnormal :’)

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