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Be proud of your Mistakes

Some scars are for life.

No matter how hard You try to be happy,
How hard u try to get rid of the pain,
It just doesn’t go.

Some memories, some moments, some pains, some sacrifices, some adjustments, some mistakes…
They just never leave You.

You be happy, move on, but sometimes, alone in the night,
You realize that its all a faux.

That deep inside, You are still the person you once were.

Naive, immature, hurt…
Everything that you claim that you are not,
Everything that you wish that you are not.

What is the remedy?

I believe that getting hurt is not bad, being hurt is not bad either.

It shapes your personality, and makes you do better stuff.

It practically makes you want to be a better person.

Am I right?
I am not saying that you need to be a person who lives in the past,
But remembering your mistakes isn’t quite bad a deal, is it?

Tomorrow onwards, be proud of your mistakes,
Learn from them and remember them as well.
It will help !!!

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