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Engineer र Doctor को एउटै केटी सँग लव परेछ

man with apple

एकपल्ट एउटा Engineer र Doctor को एउटै केटी सँग लव परेछ । यत्तिकै मा एक दिन Engineer लाई काम ले गर्दा पोखरा जानु पर्ने भएछ एक हप्ताको लागि…. जाने बेला मा Engineer ले केटिलाई ७ वटा स्याउ दिएर गएछ…. किन होला ? * An Apple a day keeps a Doctor …

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I might have erased your texts

I might have erased - lost love

I might have erased your texts But I will never forget what you wrote . I might have un-friended you , But I will never forget your pictures . We might have stopped talking , But I will never forget your voice . We might have ignored each other , …

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Seems like power of healing

Once I was riding in the bus. Saw a couple in the front seat having conversation. Girl : Oouch, my fingers are aching! Boy: Oh my baby, let me kiss your finger so it will heal your fingers… So the boy kisses her fingers and pain goes away Then again …

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five fingers for a reason

We Have 5 Fingers For Five Reasons !! Little Finger To Make Promises For our Best friends Ring Finger For Someone Special When The Time Is Right.. Middle Finger To Those Who Are Jealous & Show High Attitude To us.. Index Finger To Silence Those Who Speak against us.. Thumb …

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Are Women Perfect ?

When God created woman, he was working late on the 6th day……. An angel came by and asked.”Why spend so much time on her ?”. . The lord answered.”Have you seen all the specifications I have to meet to shape her?” “She must be washable but not made of plastic,… …

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