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I wish I could go back to those moments

Touching thought for the day! I want to go back to the time.. When happiness means chocolates & biscuits, When victory means finishing my plate 1st, When safety means being in my Mom’s arms, When Dad’s shoulders were, the highest place on earth & touching the roof in his strong

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Best moments of the Life

Best moments of Life – Falling asleep on table while reading – Getting lost somewhere while the teacher is teaching in class – Using the instruments of School lab in random way – Having a conversation with a friend in library and others giving you a eye – Teasing a

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Love is actually name of Care

What is love? Love is when my mom kisses me and says “My child is one in a million.” Love is when you come back from work and dad says ‘Is everything OK … You came a bit late today… Love is when brothers wife says ‘ hey hero, we

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Nights are sometimes the Worst

Nights are sometimes the Worst part of a Day . . You lay Awake on your bed Staring at the Ceiling and Memorizing each and every Happy Memory of that Painful Past . . . You wish that those people , who meant the World to You , would come

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But I miss the old me

I miss the old days, The old times. I miss the old mates I somehow lost along the way. I miss the old moments, I miss the way I used to feel, The way I used to be. Somewhere from then to now everything all changed. I don’t know how

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We all will be in the memories of one another

Heart cries, so do my eyes. It really hurts when you miss your life. Life was wonderful then…..NO LOVE……only friends in then. Things were so straight and so fine…… No commitments were in line. We enjoyed our company and friendship began…. we teased each other with others in clan. Projects,

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