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Love is actually name of Care

What is love?

Love is when my mom kisses me and says “My child is one in a million.”

Love is when you come back from work and dad says ‘Is everything OK … You came a bit late today…

Love is when brothers wife says ‘ hey hero, we are seeing a girl for you… If there is anyone else tell me now’

Love is when your brother says ” Dont take tension bro.. I’m there for you”

Love is when your Moodless and your sis says ” Lets go outside and take some fresh air”

Love is when your best friend hugs you and says ” Come on yaar, There is no fun without you”

These all are best moments of love…..don’t miss them in life.

Love is not only having a bf or gf.

Love you all who have been a special part of my life………..

Its love,

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