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I’m the best

I am The Best, Wanna Prove.? Ok… . I can put Coffee in Coffee Cup…, Can you put World in World Cup.? , OK one more, I can eat Cream Biscuits with Cream…., Can you eat Tiger Biscuit with Tiger.? , Last But not the Least… I can send my …

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Give me your Mobile for a Minute

Dad : Give me your Mobile for a Minute.. . . Son:”Wait dad, Let me Switch it on.. . Gf Pic delete, Girls Number list delete, Phone call Received delete, Delete, Delete, Delete, Memory Card Format.. . . . Son : Here it is. . Dad:”Thanks… I Just want to …

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Very large telephone bill

( A family receives a heavy telephone bill) Father : Ooo My goood.. Such a huge telephone bill. I dont use the phone of home. Wherever I’ve to call, I use office phone. Mother : Me… Thinking that I’d be the cause of large telephone bill, I only use the …

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