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Respect Girls

We live in such a world where,
-If a guy is with 10 Girlfriends,
He’s a Dude
And if a Girl is with 2 friends who are boys
She’s said to be a Slut.
-if a Guy drinks he’s cool and if a girl drinks,
She’s Cheap
-if a Guy is out for late nights,
He’s asked by people about the plans for tonight
And if a girl is out she’s been asked her rate for one night
-A girl is expected to forget a guy’s past
And be with him
Where as if she speaks about her past
She’s just a bitch to be played with.
-We live in a place where guys want their sisters to be praised by the world
And their girlfriends who they can show off the world.
A girl is not a thing, a girl is not a toy ,
She is Priceless and a she is a Princess


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