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Keep Smiling and Spread the Smiles

Here are some important important things which we all can perhaps learn from :

1. When u spread a smile, they multiply and come back to you in ways you can’t imagine.
The journey might be long, but eventually they do come back to you. All you need to do is not expect them to come back and just keep spreading the smiles

2. Everybody’s who looks lucky may have been extremely unlucky at some point in time. Judge them, be jealous of them, but till u don’t know their story, you know nothing.

3. The worst brings out the best in you. I have been a happy kid since childhood, but the times I’ve had to see like many others out there haven’t been that great. It is those rough times that have made me even more strong mentally. So hopefully sooner or later, you’ll be able to see how the worst does eventually bring out the best in you

4. Life can get bad, it can get very very bad, but there is some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, in fact, even if the tunnel doesn’t end, there might be some people holding a torch light right in the middle of the tunnel to make the tunnel look bright

5. There’s somebody somewhere looking after all of us, and even though we may not see the miracles happen everyday, sometimes they happen, and just sweep us off our feet. Miracles happen, magic happens, right here, in everybody’s life

6. The people immediately around u may not understand u, but no matter how crazy you are, there are definitely thousands of people out there who will understand you, because many of them will be like you. Don’t give up on being you, we are all unique, we are ideally meant to live life the way we are

7. When you expect nothing, you feel extremely happy to get everything you get.

8. We are all special, unfortunately not everybody gets a chance to get acknowledged for who they are. But just know, we are all special

9. A lot of happiness can be planned, but a lot of other times, happiness just happens

10. Life may take away more than you could have ever thought of, but it can give you more than you can ever imagine too.
Just stay patient


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