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Take care of small happiness

Most of Us Miss Out Life’s Biggest Prizes : Nobel, Oscar, Grammys But We are All Eligible For Life’s Small Prizes : – A Hug From Best Friend – A Short Sleep On Friend’s Shoulder – A Glorious Sunset – A Chat With One with whom you Feel Most Comfortable

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I wish I could go back to those moments

Touching thought for the day! I want to go back to the time.. When happiness means chocolates & biscuits, When victory means finishing my plate 1st, When safety means being in my Mom’s arms, When Dad’s shoulders were, the highest place on earth & touching the roof in his strong

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यहि छ नव वर्षको शुभकामना

नव वर्ष फुलोस फलोस मेरो शुभकामना !वैरभाव र विरोध ढलोस मेरो शुभकामना !!दिदिवहिनी, दाजुभाई, देश र विदेश सबमा सदभाबको दीप बलोस मेरो शुभकामना !!रातो दिनको खिचातानी, छल र बेइमानी

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शुभ कामना शुभ कामना

सबको ओठमा हासो छरियोस,सबको मनमा हर्ष नयाँ जोस र उमङ बोकि आयो नयाँ बर्षपुरा हुन सबैका आकांक्षा हरु स्वच्छ रहुन भावनानयाँ बर्ष २०७७ सालको हर्दिक मंगलमयशुभ कामना, शुभ कामना

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