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Who is the cheater : Husband or Wife?

Once a man had gone to USA. He worked there for few years and came back to his own country. While coming back he brought a advanced Robot with him which could recognize the person related to the owner. It was a very well programmed robot.

Once a man ordered his robot to bring his son from School.
Robot immediately went to school but didn’t come for few hours.

Wife of a man got worried and scolded the man for trusting the Robot. Man and his wife was about to go to school. They saw robot bringing 6 kids – 2 kids of Neighbour, 1 of a maid, 3 of a female friend.

Man’s wife started crying, “All of these are your kids?? You kept such relationship with others???”

Before the wife could end her question, the man cried loudly, “You bitch.. As**ho*e wh*r*…. First tell my why did this robot didn’t bring our son?”

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